Innovation in Interpreting Summit 2021

Having dusted off my website only yesterday, I have some catching up to do. Let me begin with the present.

Today was the final day of three of this summit, dealing with all aspects of technology in interpreting: the reality of remote working on day 1 (from setting up a workstation at home via which platforms are out there all the way to useful tips in terms of equipment and etiquette to guarantee a pleasant and professional online experience for participants and interpreters alike), the tools and resources they have for staying on top of their game in these times of massive change on day 2, and the benefits and perceived threats to the profession of interpreting through even further technological developments, particularly AI, on day 3.

The entire event was conceived and put together by one of those very resources for interpreters to help them stay on top of their game, techforword‘s Josh Goldsmith and Alexander Drechsel. An array of well-known interpreters/interpreter teachers shared a wealth of useful information and – just as important – brought interpreters from all over the world together to learn together, exchange experiences and ideas and feel part of something bigger.

For anyone who wasn’t able to be there but would like to catch up on the wealth of information, there is still a bundle of the presentations and panels and much more besides available here until 3 March 2021.

I for one am looking forward to further such events as I have never before really had the feeling of belonging to such a big and stimulating family.

International Sugar Organisation

reference ISO“This is to certify that Ms Antje Bormann has worked in the German interpreters’ booth for our seminars over the last 5 years. Our Seminar is known as the best sugar event in the world.

During the conference, Antje has to interpret a wide coverage of topics, being general and technical on sugar related issues. The speakers were high level and international.

She performed very efficiently and with utmost professionalism. She has a charming personality and was well liked by all the delegates. I would be pleased to commend her to other Organizations…”

Khalid Sookia,
International Sugar Organisation

I continued to work for them until 2014.