The evolution in interpreting service provision


1 July 2021

The COVID pandemic first brought our profession to a grinding halt with travel restrictions, prohibition of gatherings, and lockdown – making multilingual meetings impossible, then gave it a massive boost with the pivot of pretty much everyone to transacting any kind of business online.

Companies that had already begun to work on providing online platforms for interpreters to work their language magic on instead of traveling to an event venue and work with equipment also brought to the venue at considerable expense to clients and the environment. Their use (and number) has exploded over the last 13 months, and their now guaranteed presence on the scene makes it impossible – and even undesirable – for clients, LSPs and interpreters to ignore them.

One of the biggest Multilingual Meeting Platforms coming out of the crisis is KUDO, and I have been invited to write a blogpost for them about the experience of a professional interpreter with their platform and services for or including interpreters that they offer:

My Experience as a KUDO Pro Interpreter