Conference interpreting had been the youngest and most obviously technology-driven discipline of interpreting until the latest technological breakthrough – remote simultaneous interpreting – rising to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic as the only interpreting modality that is fully compliant with the rules about working from home wherever possible.

I am trained on the VoiceBoxer, Ablio, KUDO, Interprefy, Interactio and QuaQua platforms (and keep myself informed about others coming onto the market) and have working experience on KUDO (Pro status), Interprefy, Voiceboxer and Interactio as well as Zoom, which is not a dedicated RSI platform but offers basic interpretation capabilities.

I am happy to assist clients – those who see themselves forced to pivot online for their backlog of face-to-face meetings as well as those who have always felt the need for multi-language support but found the pre-RSI logistical expense unjustifiable for relatively short meetings – in choosing the most suitable solution for their particular needs.

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