International Sugar Organisation

reference ISO“This is to certify that Ms Antje Bormann has worked in the German interpreters’ booth for our seminars over the last 5 years. Our Seminar is known as the best sugar event in the world.

During the conference, Antje has to interpret a wide coverage of topics, being general and technical on sugar related issues. The speakers were high level and international.

She performed very efficiently and with utmost professionalism. She has a charming personality and was well liked by all the delegates. I would be pleased to commend her to other Organizations…”

Khalid Sookia,
International Sugar Organisation

I continued to work for them until 2014.

No. 10 Downing Street

reference, no. 10 downing streetA visit by Secretary General of the SPD, Klaus Uwe Benneter, to London, organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation London. Part of the programme was a meeting with Pat McFadden, then head of the Political Office, at No. 10 Downing Street, and some of his colleagues.

The interpreting style for this informal exchange in a small group was whispering into German, consecutive into English.

Nita Clarke of the Political office, who was also present, wrote afterwards: “… it was very nice to meet you and I can assure you I was sincere in my praise of your work.”

13th International Licensing Conference, metallurgy

reference metallurgyOne of the earlier conferences of my career in the mid-nineties, kindly passed on to the interpreting team by the booking agency:

“On behalf of the participants and myself I would like to express my thanks for the excellent achievement of … Mrs. Antje Bormann in interpretation of the very complex subjects of the papers as well as the following discussions.

I have to state, this was the most competent interpretation we ever had in our conferences.”

Ivo Henych,
General Manager Metal Processing and Licensing

Bentley Infrastructure Project Awards 2013

I had the pleasure of getting an assignment at this highly interesting event.

It was very well organised, with a speakers’ room with refreshments that I was asked to show up in for a briefing on the day before. Except it didn’t take place due to adverse weather having put paid to the travel plans of the German finalist (number 3 on the list) I was assigned to. So one has to improvise, which I did by grabbing last year’s finalists’ catalogue on the way out to get a feel for the kind of submissions.

The usual organisational stress of such large events made sure that I received the slide deck for the presentation at 1:50am on the day, by which time I was fast asleep, compulsory for a job that requires maximum concentration because every word matters.

On the day I was needed for the Q&A session after the presentation, and this is where we came across ‘root mean square error‘ and ‘Ausgleichungsrechnung’, or ‘curve-fitting‘, as it is known in English, at which point I would love to talk about how different language communities name things… and about curve-balls.